Gaythorne Community Kindergarten

About Us

Gaythorne Community Kindergarten provides quality care and education for children aged 2-5 years across our Pre Kindy and Kindy rooms for 48 weeks of the year. At Gaythorne Community Kindergarten we view children as confident and capable learners, with an innate sense of curiosity, wonder and willingness to learn.

As early childhood educators we provide a warm and welcoming environment, based on trust and mutual respect where children are encouraged to realise their potential through a sense of value and belonging. Developing meaningful relationships with our families allows us to work together to support each child and encourages families to be actively involved in their child’s learning. By engaging and connecting with the wider community we provide opportunities for our children and families to develop a ‘sense of community.’ This sense of community gives our children the confidence to interact with and feel a sense of belonging to it.

We recognise that children come to us from very diverse backgrounds and acknowledge and value each child’s family culture and beliefs. We recognise and celebrate the multicultural nature of our community and aim to create an environment and curriculum that embraces cultural diversity. We value and acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where our kindy sits, the Turrbal people and actively promote reconciliation with Australia’s first people. We believe that children learn best through play and that children should be provided with opportunities to engage in self-initiated and interest driven experiences. Play allows children to create, to experiment, to explore, as well as provide opportunities for children’s questions and interests to become the focus for further enquiry.

We provide an engaging, natural and sustainable learning environment and actively promote environmental awareness. We encourage our children and families to protect the environment through modelling and education. Our aim is to cultivate a lifelong respect of environmental awareness and care. We believe that if we encourage children to be curious and teach them to appreciate the natural world and respect all living things we can all look forward to our earth benefitting from their care.

The social and emotional health of children is vitally important as they live and grow in a rapidly changing world. As early childhood educators we play a role in nurturing children’s resilience, as well as their social, emotional and mental health. By providing opportunities for children to practice and learn important skills such as the ability to listen, share, problem solve, negotiate, empathise and show kindness we can help our children to grow happy, healthy, confident and resilient.

Our 2022 Supporters

As a community-run centre we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our parents, our parent committee, volunteers and our local community.

Our Educators

Kindy A Teacher and Kindergarten Director

Kindy A and
Pre Kindy Educator

Kindy B Teacher

Kindy B Educator

Pre Kindy, Before and After Care Educator

Pre Kindy and After Care Educator

Pre Kindy, Before and After Care Educator


Pre Kindy and After Care Educator

Pre Kindy, Before and After Care Educator