Gaythorne Community Kindergarten

Pre Kindy

We offer a Pre Kindy programme for children aged from 2 years – Monday to Friday 8.30am to 2.30pm operating 48 weeks a year.

Our Pre Kindy room has a maximum of 21 children a day cared for by 3 qualified and highly experienced educators.

You can choose the day and the number of days subject to availability. If you are interested in a place for your child contact Sam in Admin on 07 3355 4193

Pre Kindy Programme

The Pre Kindy programme is designed to meet the individual needs of the group of children in our care. We aim to create a nurturing and caring environment where the children and their families will feel welcomed. The feeling of belonging for children, in the widest sense contributes to inner wellbeing, security and identity. Children need to know that they are accepted for who they are.

We value the information parents bring to us about their child and encourage parental input into our programme. We acknowledge the different family styles and the curriculum makes links with the everyday activities and special events of family, local communities and cultures.

Our Daily Programme

Our daily routines are an essential component of our programme. They contribute to the children developing a sense of security and predictability of events. We believe planning and observations are basic to an effective programme. The staff play an important role in developing a learning environment that is characterised by flexibility, accessibility and responsiveness to childrens individual needs. As we are caring for a multi ages group of children we adjust the daily routines to meet the individual needs of the children.

Children learn in many ways, whether it be through observation, interacting with others, play and real life experiences. As they play, children are encouraged to learn strategies and skills for initiating, maintaining, and enjoying relationships with other children including taking turns, problem solving negotiating, taking anothers point of view, supporting others, and understanding other peoples attitudes and feelings. Play is recognised as the way that children learn about the world around them and it is therefore a powerful learning tool for early education. It can help children to learn to deal with things that they can’t always put into words. Tension, anxiety, fear and anger can be acted out in play.

The curriculum reflects our professional commitment to the Early Years Learning Framework and The National Quality Standards

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